Saturday, February 13, 2016

Last night it was Cali, Gibbs, and Bella's turn to come in the house.   They were full of mischief and even the slippery hardwood floor doesn't seem to bother them anymore.   Don't mind the messy haired, runny nosed kid. She wasn't feeling the the best yesterday!   Gracyn also celebrated her 1/2 birthday in school yesterday so she was pretty excited about that!

Cali and Bella




Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Today we let the all the puppies outside and took a few in the house for a little while before bed time. They are really starting to explore and get more comfortable with different surroundings.   Now when we let them out or take them in their little tales wag which is a great sign that they are having fun.   The kids love having the puppies inside the house. Tonight they chose to take Rooster, Ivy, and Winnie inside the house.  Tomorrow they'll get to choose a few different ones to play with inside the house.  It's kind of fun to take them inside in smaller groups to see how they interact with the kids and react in smaller groups. Boden's favorite puppy is Rooster, and Gracyn loves her Winnie.  K.K. on the other hand loves a different one everyday!  

Sunday, February 7, 2016










A day of firsts!

Today was a day of a lot of firsts for the puppies.  At just over 4 weeks today was the first time they all got to experience the great outdoors. It was pretty mild this morning so we took them outside to explore for little while. I was surprised at how well they did. They were only out for about 5 minutes, but they didn't whine and whimper like puppies typically do the first time outside.  While the kids were watching the puppies, I switched carpet and added wood chips for the first time.  They are starting to get too big, and wood chips are a lot less maintenance. After that they also received their first solid meal today.   They loved their wet food, and although Remi has been doing a great job of nursing them all it's time to transition to real food.  We took them inside for a while and today was the first time many of them peed inside the house!  As I said they are getting bigger and with that comes all the mess of having 9 puppies running around. We also painted their nails and came up with names for all the puppies today. This way we can identify who is who is this vast see of yellow!   I'll post pictures of all the puppies individually after the kids are in bed tonight!