Thursday, September 25, 2014

a week ago today...

I was pacing the yard with Hazel as we anticipated the arrival of puppy number one.  Today I paced the yard with Hazel so she could get a little break from her heap of puppies.  Nursing 9 puppies is a full time job, so Hazel always appreciates a leisurely walk around the yard.  This afternoon she even had enough energy to run up the draw behind our house.  It was good to see her back to her {almost} normal self!

On the puppy front, they are doing great!  It is amazing to see how much they change in just a week. They are getting stronger, louder, and of course cuter each day.  What used to be a smooth, sleek coat of fur, now has a fuzzy feel when rubbed up against your face.  The little bodies that used to wonder slowly and aimlessly about the whelping box, now navigate with purpose straight to the source of food.  The soft squeaks have quickly turned into noticeable squawks.  Their eyes are all still closed, but I am thinking that we will be seeing some eyes soon.  I can't decide what i love most about them, their tiny little paws, their little ears, or their wet puppy noses.  I will let you decide...


All 9 together.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Puppies are Here!

Congratulations are in order for Miss Hazel!  She went into labor around noon on Thursday (the 18th) and by 8 o'clock the next morning she was nursing 9 beautiful puppies.  Because most of them were delivered before midnight on the 18th, we are telling the puppies that their birthday's are on September 18, 2014!  Besides being longer than Hazel probably wished, the labor went well for this first time mommy.  The first puppy born was a black female, which has appropriately and affectionately been named "Eve" by our kids.  She was joined by 3 more black females, 3 black males, and two yellow males.  Hazel has her paws full, but she is doing a marvelous job caring for her babies.  They are all nursing well and their bellies are indicating she has plenty of milk to go around.  Come...let's take a peek inside!

It has been beautiful weather here and Hazel has enjoyed the sunshine that streams into her kennel!  When I went out this morning to take pictures, she looked so proud as she quietly nursed her little brood.  

I have a feeling that these puppies are going to get plenty of love in the next several weeks.  There are some eager kids that can't wait to do some holding!  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Black and Yellow Litter Expected

Hazel on point

Black and Yellow pointing lab litter expected late September. Breeding confirmed. These pups will be ready to go home early-mid November. Pups are bred for a strong natural point, intelligence, drive, athleticism, and the right look! Sire and Dam match up perfectly and will produce a combination of a bird dog with a ton of drive and also a companion that you and your family can take wherever you go. Puppies will come with all the health clearances E  Some notables in the pedigree include: 35 different titles, 13 GMPR titles, 7 APLA titles, and 5 APLA Hall of Fame dogs. Pedigree includes some of the most sought after pointing lines in the country: GMPR MPR Rik's Risky Raider MH, GMPR Grits of Black Forest SH, 4xGMPR Cashman’s Super Trooper MH, GMPR High Caliber’s Winning Ticket SH, GMPR Sauk River’s Featherstorm MH, GMPR Duke’s True Grit SH, 4xGMPR Kroegers Snapping Gator MH, and GMPR Wannamakers Hot Tubb SH just to name a few. 
EIC/CNM clear and also a 28 month guarantee on hips, elbows, and eyes.

Hazel is a 55 pound female out of Belle and Lotto.  She is an extremely athletic and talented female that possesses all the right look.  Her pedigree includes  GMPR Grits of Black Forest MH, and GMPR MHR Rik's Risky Raider MH,  4xGMPR Kroeger's Snapping Gator MH, GMPR Wannamaker's Hot Tubb SH, GMPR Jipsey's Black Magic MH,  and GMPR HPK Shooter's Baxter Bing JH,  CPR Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club Thor, and much much more!   You won't find a better looking black female with this kind of pedigree!  Hazel is an all-around great dog that loves to please!  She is extremely intelligent, possesses an outstanding nose, and has shown a strong natural point from the very beginning.  She is the type of dog that you can take out all day long, but will settle in and relax with the family at the end of the day.   She is an exceptional companion and all around great family dog.

Niah is an APLA CPR (Certified Pointing Retriever) and has all the looks and drive you are looking for in a Pointing Labrador.  He carries Super Trooper's features in his blocky looks, 75 lb.muscular frame, black pigment, athletic ability, and strong desire to train and hunt.  He has exceptional marking and retrieving ability and displays one of the strongest natural points you will find.  If the bird sits, he will point it!  He has a calm, kid-friendly temperament, yet when it’s time to train or hunt he has a high output motor.  Niah was pointing at a very young age and was the quickest learner I have ever trained.  He has a strong desire to please and is crazy about finding, pointing, and retrieving birds.  Niah's pedigree features some of the best lines in the country  and you can see those bloodlines in his looks and personality.  When it comes to true Labrador looks, strong staunch point, and all around hunting and training ability, Niah is the total package!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

 Last night we decided it would be fun to take the puppies in the house to play for a while. With all the rain and cold the kids have been deprived so dad caved and let them come in to play.  As you can see, Bo absolutely loves them as do Gracyn and Kinley.  They get plenty of hugs and kisses!   They are starting to get more playful, and love to get their teeth on whatever is available. It doesn't matter whether its a blanket, the kids' shoes, shorts, or pants.   They are starting to show their personalities, and are now eating mainly soft food.   Friday they will go in to the vet for a puppy check and get their first round of shots.  Only a couple more weeks, and these guys will be meeting their new families!

Monday, April 21, 2014

 A lot has changed since I posted last, and the puppies are growing like crazy. They are all starting to walk and play with each other, and they even made show and tell at preschool with Gracyn this past week. They had their first day outside while I changed carpet, but they weren't too sure of their new surroundings.  They've had plenty of company and lots of people come to visit as you can see from pictures.  From friends, to nieces and nephews, there is never a dull moment with the puppies around!